I understand that as we go through life mistakes will be made on the way, but you hope when you make the mistake it doesn’t become a defining moment in time.  As we go through the teenage years’ we are still learning how to be a person and shape our personality that best fits our ideals.  This also means how to deal with adversity and deal with individuals who will, at times, test our faith, patience and attitude to how we resolve an issue.  Dealing with micro-managers and hands off supervisors have to be dealt with in two different ways, and still as adults, we struggle with this as teenagers since we believe the world is wrong and our ideals are correct.  Well, I can’t confirm this was the same idea that was used when my wife and I entered the Brugger’s Bagel Store, and the first words we hear are “YOU DUMB BITCH!”

Now, my wife and I would’ve allowed that slip of the tongue if she (the teenage looking employee) had apologized and conducted business as usual.  We would’ve left like “Wow! I don’t know what we walked in on, but someone is pissed.”  Unfortunately, our conversation leaving the bagel shop wasn’t such as that, it was more so of what the hell happened and I think this whole exchange we just witnessed needs to be reported to corporate.  We eventually reported this incident to corporate later on that morning, and my wife went on social media and reported it to Brugger’s later that night.  Going back to the incident, after hearing the young employee say that to someone in the back, we got up to the counter.  It was quickly determined that she was arguing with the on-duty supervisor, and instead of pulling her off the line and allowing her to cool her head down, she kept serving customers.  At one point she was told by another employee, who was sweeping the floor, to calm down and not to keep arguing in front of the customers, but the young employee’s response was “I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS!”  Now, I’m thinking about that statement as she is trying to make my food.

First of all I ordered the Pastrami, Egg and Cheese on an Everything bagel.  Once she got the bagel, and continued to argue with the supervisor and two of her other employees, things went off the scale.  She cut the bagel properly, but instead of getting what I asked for, she puts on turkey, pastrami and cheese.  I’m looking confused and look back up at the menu to see if I misunderstood what I read, but no, I assumed correctly of what I wanted and with her attitude of such anger and hostility, she basically screwed up my order.  I had the chance of telling her that she was doing my order wrong, but with her still yelling and cussing at the supervisor and even talking under her breath so loud that we could understand her, I dared not to get into an argument with her over my food.  I just sat there and made sure the other employee, who finally took over, didn’t put items on the bagel that don’t go together.  Thank God she didn’t do that, but the drama didn’t end when the young employee was pulled off the food line.

My wife’s order was half way incomplete as they were supposed to toast one of two bagels with butter, but neither one was toasted.  At least one to two other customers were in front of us and at least three of us got our food for free when we reached the register.  I can tell you I had a brief moment of concern when I saw the hostile employee make her way down towards the register.  I just knew at this point if she came to ring us up that we would respectfully decline her services and ask for another employee to handle the checkout.  One of the other two employees that did a great job in handling the whole situation as professionals, came down to the register and told us that we were good to leave without paying.  We might’ve been in the restaurant for approximately ten to twelve minutes, but we weren’t the only ones to consider reporting it to corporate.  The whole situation was just unprofessional and disturbing to see.  The supervisor should’ve taken her off the line long before they ended up in the back yelling and shouting at each other.

Obviously, if the employee just called you out of your name and keeps telling you she doesn’t care about customers, and keeps telling you to write her up and send her home, do you really think she is going to listen to you about being “work oriented”?  Well, we saw how that worked out and saw the whole situation get way out of hand and escalate to a point where reasonable and calm minds would not prevail.  Needless, to say when we spoke to corporate about two days later, they were embarrassed and angry about the whole incident.  My wife ended up speaking to them and according to their statement, the employee will be fired for her behavior and the supervisor will be retrained on how to handle argumentative employees.

I will tell you that my wife and I are not those type of customers to report things to managers or corporate just because; but we will report things such as this that customers and patrons alike should not be witnesses too.  This very Brugger’s Bagel shop was the one that we went to alot when we lived in the city of Albany, and I love their food and the staff was awesome.  It had obviously been a very long time since we patronized there since the entire staff was new to us.  The whole scene was just ghetto! Absolutely, ghetto.  I sure did say that to corporate too.  I didn’t care and knew that they wanted the truth about what was going on and how I felt.  Don’t worry I was respectful and used appropriate language, but that ghetto part they needed to know.  Maybe that is why they didn’t get back to me, but sure did back to my wife in a quick minute.  In speaking with them, we were promised a gift card or some sort of compensation for our troubles.  Right now nothing has happened and we have not returned to that Brugger’s shop, and probably won’t for a good while.  Damn shame!

Henry Scott


Author: franklinsfireplace

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