We all should understand and know what a filter does, despite what it is being used for, to filter out substances.  Especially in the water filtration system where harmful mineral deposits and chemicals are to be trapped and kept from entering our home, where the consumption can be either deadly or cause serious illness.  As you go through your normal daily routines you may end up with a headache or migraine, which can come from numerous things in our lives.  For some headaches can come from something you ate, drank or not drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated.  You wouldn’t think of water that you drink everyday out of your kitchen tap would be harmful or cause you to feel funny and give you the sense of nausea, which included headaches and diarrhea.

Well, the filter you see posted in this article came from our kitchen faucet as we were in the middle of installing the Brita filter.  As my wife and I both looked at this filter, it became apparent to us that all our nausea feeling and back of the head aches was perhaps due to these substances found under our faucet.  For the most part it did its job of blocking the crap from entering our drinking cups, but the water coming out of the tap had to pass through all that still before we gulped it down.  If I can remember correctly the Brita Filter, posted in the picture below, was installed in the summer of 2016 and has made a complete difference.  We no longer get these weird headaches, which felt like I was consuming too much iron, and no more nausea feeling in the stomach.  Another thing we discovered, which made us feel good about our investment, was the rust that has been forming around the sinks and toilet bowl.  You enter our home and would think we don’t clean, which in fact it is difficult to keep up with the rust and grime being formed on our daily usages, not to mention it staining the automatic toothbrushes.


So I would definitely recommend that you purchase one of these for your home, especially with all the water contamination issues we’ve seen in Flint, Michigan, Pownal, Vermont and Hoosick, New York.  I’m sure other towns have been affected with chemical spills that I am not aware of, but some kind of protection with your drinking water is better than not having anything at all.  Of course, with the amount of chemicals that is in our drinking water, and how the water has stained our sinks and tub, we’ve had to replace the filter at least once every one to two months, depending on how often we turn on the faucet.  Our water here in the Maplewood-Watervliet area is hard, and we often joke about it from time to time, but so happy for the investment.  We even placed a water softener on our shower head and we can see stains starting to form within the water softener mechanism, which has only been on there for maybe just over a month.

It has definitely made the showers more enjoyable as it feels like it is bathing in cotton or satin sheets, but the water pressure has decreased a bit.  However, we can change that if we want to, but at this point we don’t want to.  A filter can make all the change in the world, but don’t just choose any filter and make sure you choose what will work for you to give you better quality water to drink and bath in.

Henry Scott